IKEA Software: IKEA Home Planner is available at least since 2003. At the beginning it was only dedicated to kitchen, and now all rooms of your house can be managed through it. For me, this software is one of the most sophisticated tool Web to Store and a good way to get opportunities from our ROPO, ROBO behaviors.

Certes, le logiciel d'IKEA, IKEA Home Planner, ne date pas d'hier (Je crois me souvenir l'avoir utilisé la première fois en 2003, alors que je ne me souciais alors pas du ROPO). Néanmoins, il s'agit là d'un des concepts de génération de trafic dans un magasin physique que je trouve les plus aboutis.


Comprendre le phénomène ROPO, ROBO

Je ne vais rien vous apprendre : Depuis plusieurs années les chiffres du eCommerce font tourner les têtes.
  • Les grandes marques y voient un nouveau canal de distribution (sans pour autant l'avoir investi dès le début pour ne pas bousculer leur relation avec la distribution traditionnelle) et un nouveau contributeur de leur relation client.
  • Les distributeurs physiques y voient pour beaucoup un nouvel Eldorado. D'autres y voient encore un gadget, (ou pire ils restent encore des irréductibles qui l'associent à un destructeur de valeur, mais j'y reviendrai plus tard).
  • Enfin de nombreuses entreprises (start up nouvelles ou anciennes ;-) ) ont su trouver, créer de nouveaux modèles économiques, de nouveaux modèles de distribution...

Understand the ROPO - ROBO phenomena

You won't learn anything if I told you: Since many years, all marketers are crazy about eBusiness figures .
  • Big Brands see an opportunity to develop a new sale chanel (without investage the media to early to preserve their relationship with their Distribution Chanel)and a new contribution to complete their Customer Relationship,
  • Some Physical Retailer consider it as a new Eldorado. Others still look at it as a gadget (or worse as a value killer),
  • And a lot of start-up (old or new ones) have found, create (...) new Business Models, new Sale Chanel...
Those figures are only a part of the real Internet contribution to Business. Indeed, the figures available (agencies, institutes, companies) generally comes from the turnover made online. But Internet is also a Business Generator in the real life (offline)

Since many years (2006 if I'm right) we talk about

ROPO - Research Online, Purchase Offline -

ROBO - Research Online, Buy Offline-

Real Phenomena with few figures, studies, and Best practices to enable a Marketer
- to evaluate this Business Contribution
- to have a list of examples to invent his new Web to Store device.

The aim of this blog is not to be an encyclopedy on ROPO, ROBO. But a place to share experiences, figures, analysis and to enable Retailers to get more opportunities from New Media.

Welcome on board ! Contributions, Testimony are welcome