IKEA Software: IKEA Home Planner is available at least since 2003. At the beginning it was only dedicated to kitchen, and now all rooms of your house can be managed through it. For me, this software is one of the most sophisticated tool Web to Store and a good way to get opportunities from our ROPO, ROBO behaviors.

If you have already renew your kitchen, bathroom with the Nordics Giant, you must have live that:

A whole morning dedicated to the choice of the different element of your kitchen. At the end, you found in love of this wonderful little cab for which you forgot to measure the available area in your flat, and it's impossible for you to go back home without it.

Those unforgettable minutes in front of the delivery desk, where you asked yourself how to put all those things in your Fiat Uno.

Then IKEA Home Planner is made for you.
After your download & install of the software, you'll be able as an architect, from your sofa, to really prepare your realization with an access to the full product catalog...

It's when your kitchen porject is almost finalized (on IKEA Home Planner) that everething becomes fantastic:
- You know the real price of your project
- Your quotation is ready to be treated by an IKEA employee
- You have really optimized your space

- You'll spend only few times in your favorite IKEA
- You'll have no bad surprise to put your furniture on your vehicle (if you stay reasonable from your passage in front of the cashdesk)

From a marketing point of view, I presume this device doesn't enable to gain new Customers, but
- Accelerate the buying decision process of IKEA Customers
- Enlarge the Customer Area

And for sure, more convenience for the Customers (So an optimized Customer Experience).

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