Convert your customer's ROPO behaviors

Here are 4 "simple" ideas of On Line devices (From a Marketing point of view, without taking into account the potential complexity on the technical side) to convert into sales some ROPO visits on your website

Enable payment in store

One of the  ROPO, ROBO drivers is the fear to share sharing personal information online. Auchan Drive (French hypermarket group) proposes since 3 years in its Shop & Drive concept to pay in the store.
Note that you can complete such a device with extra discount regarding the payment method.
  • If you fear of No Show if your customers can pay later after an on line order or appointment, the I suggest you to propose a dedicated discount for on line payment (Your CFO will love that as Cash is in before products are out -my CFO loves it-)
  • If your Store Managers see your eShop as an internal competitors, then propose to your customer goodies, furture discounts for any payment in store

Enable In Store delivery

Your customers needs to see, touch the goods they want to buy. And as a consequence, 3 or 5 days due to delivery is too long, or Customer wants to avoid shipping fees (True that for a LCD TV, price and warrenty can stop the sale).
You should propose In Store delivery or In Store Booking as the Electronic Retail store FNAC does.
Ideally, add a Fast Lane  to optimize the Customer Experience (I'm a special Customer as I've already paid).

Materialize your commercial offers and/or product catalog

Publish in store promotion on a website is sufficiant nowadays? How will you be sure that the time spent will contribute to your customer conversion?
Then I advice you to  materialize your offer with vouchers
Another example found on the Leroy Merlin's website (a DIY Retail Store) if you have some products that you don't sale on line:
Put all your reference on your website, and enable your visitors to add thoses one in a shopping list to print before a visit in store.

Geolocalize your point of sales

Nowadays, all websites from any Retail network propose a  Dealer Locator.
But you should also complete this device with a presence outside your website (Do you really think your customer type your url every mrning in front of their computer?)
You have to go to your customers by all ways. (GPS POI like the restaurant network on CourtePaille, regsiter your point of sales on Google Maps to be present on Universal Search Results)

Or develop landing pages, on which your geographic presence mix with your product and services portfolio, will enable you to be seen on Long Tail queries
Then you will propose an answer to a very specific need, and increase the chance of conversion like ATS-Euromaster .

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