A TNS study realized for Google & found for us by E. Barré gives us figures about the ROPO, ROBO phenomena.

This study has been realized in June 2008 in France with more than 2000 Web users. The objective of this study is to determined if there is or not some sectors where Customers Research Online Purchase Offline more than others.

Below, the final synthesis

Product categories where the ROPO effect is major

  • Cars
  • Visuals devices
  • Mobile Phone
  • Audio
  • Digital Cameras
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • CD/DVD
Except for softwares, those products are fragile. Facts that can explain the Customer prefere to buy them in-store to avoid risk in the shipping.

Product categories where search & purchase are mainly Online

  • Holiday Package
  • Hotels
  • Holiday Flights
  • Business Flights
Today, all those products are totaly dematerialized, and it won't be surprising to see in the coming years, Software, CD, DVD in this section.

Product categories where search & purchase are mainly Online

  • Movie tickets
  • Do It Yourself devices
  • Car Pieces
  • Car & Home Insurance
  • Sports Articles
  • redit
  • Toys
  • Shoes
  • Gifts
  • Bodycare devices
  • Cosmetics
  • Furniture
  • Domestic apparels
  • Books
  • Clothes
It's interesting to cross this list with the list from ROPO Customer Drivers. Then I would make the following links
- Credits / Insurances / Car Pieces : Need of expertise
- Clothes / Shoes / Gifts / Books / Cosmetics / Toys : Need of product experience
- Movie Tichet : Right Now product
Interesting to note that the category where Search is mainly offline and Purchase offline is not (yet?).

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