Before implementing ROPO, ROBO devices, it's good to know what are customer drivers to Research Online Buy Offline.

Lindas Butos - Getelastic - has identified 4 main reasons

ROPO, ROBO drivers are :
  • Customer wants to view the item up close
  • Customer needs the item sooner than it can ship
  • Customer wants to avoid shipping fees
  • Customer might not be comfortable sharing personal information online

An article from JdN "Les points de vente ont tout à gagner des sites marchands" complete this point of view by detailling with a study on ROPO, ROBO drivers:

From my point of view, some of items will disappear with time due to the evolution of Web as a sale chanel (product comparison / price / fear on Online payment / choice).
Nevertheless Strenghts of physical retail remain:
  • Live a Product Experience
  • Faster purchase(if we talk about an easy to find product)
  • A Human experience made of advices, expertise and in sometimes price discussion
Credit : Capitaine Commerce & Journal du Net

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